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This Learning Centre provides support and supplementary resources for the HOW2 web app. For further details on HOW2s go to the home page or contact us to arrange a demonstration.


HOW2s give training impact. Practical and comprehensive in range, HOW2s provide personalisation and extend the training effect back into teachers’ classrooms.

Identify Targets

Decide the focus: As the trainer, decide the focus for the training event.

Match to HOW2s

Select HOW2s: Select HOW2s from the Library that match your focus.

Create a Set of selected HOW2s: Organise the HOW2s together into a Set.

Create a Group for the event: Now create a Group of the teachers who will be attending the training event.

Find Groups within the Menu button

Send the Set to a Group: Send all members of his training event group a Nudge that contains the Set of the HOW2s you will cover in the event. Ask them to preview the HOW2s before the event.

Learn HOW2 Steps

Project the HOW2s: Project the HOW2s on the training event to explain the new teaching techniques the teachers are going to trial in their classrooms after the event.

Adapt to Context

Adapt HOW2s: After being introduced to the HOW2s, organise the teachers to work together, thinking of adaptations needed to the HOW2s in relation to their classroom and subject contexts. Ask them to capture their plans in their Notes.

Update status: Remind the teachers to mark their status of the HOW2s they are focusing on as Working On It.

Adapt and Collaborate: After the training event, direct the teachers to continue to work on any necessary adaptations. Ask them to collaborate online, commenting and making suggestions with the Notes tool.

Apply to Teaching

Trial the HOW2s: The teachers apply their HOW2 plans to their classes, noting progress in their Notes. They comment on each others’ Notes, offering suggestions.

Monitor the follow-through: Look at the Activities page to see how the teachers are following through on the training event.

Review Impact

Evaluate the trials: The teachers evaluate the impact of the HOW2 trials. They consider whether to fine-tune and re-trial, or to embed the HOW2 as it is into their regular practice.

Scan the Skills Exchange: Monitor the Skills Exchange to look for any changed statuses from Working On It to Embedded It as evidence of the impact of the training event.

Share skills: When ready, the HOW2s are included in the teachers’ repertoire, and the teachers change their status to Embedded It. They offer their experience to colleagues learning these HOW2s.