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This Learning Centre provides support and supplementary resources for the HOW2 web app. For further details on HOW2s go to the home page or contact us to arrange a demonstration.

Supported Experiments

HOW2s add rigour and efficiency to Supported Experiments with tools for action research, communication and the sharing of best practice.

Identify Targets

Set up a Group: Set up a Group of teacher colleagues for your Supported Experiment.

You will find Groups within the Menu button

Decide focus: In your newly formed team, decide the focus for your collaborative experiment.

Match to HOW2s

Select HOW2s: Together, match a selection of HOW2s to your focus.

Create a Set of HOW2s: Now, organise the selected HOW2s into a Set.

Send Nudge: Send all your team a Nudge with the Set of HOW2s attached. Include due dates by when they should aim for the statuses to be Working On It, and Embedded It.

Team receives Nudges: Your team colleagues will receive the Set on their Nudge section of their Home page.

Learn HOW2 Steps

Study HOW2s: Teachers in the team — either individually or together — study the HOW2s in the Set with a view to any necessary adaptions needed to fit the contexts of their different classes.

Adapt to Context

Adapt HOW2s: Working again individually or together, adapt the selected HOW2s for your classes, capturing your plans in your Notes.

Share Notes: Share, read and comment on each others’ Notes.

Apply to Teaching

Apply HOW2s: Try out your HOW2 plans, using the Notes to capture what happens.

Share Notes: Read each others’ Notes and make comments and suggestions.

Review Impact

Review Impact: Review the impact of your HOW2 experiments in the Notes and continue to share and comment on colleagues’ judgments.

Conclude: Decide, with your colleagues, whether the experiments were successful, and whether the HOW2s can be embedded into practice. Or whether some of the HOW2s need further fine-tuning and experimentation.

Embed In Practice

Schemes of work: Add the newly developed HOW2s to your repertoire and embed them into relevant Schemes of Work.

Skills Exchange: Contribute the team’s skills into the Skills Exchange to spread the benefits of their learning across the organisation.


Teaching & Learning Groups

In sharing professional know-how with words alone, much is lost or misunderstood. HOW2s elevate the quality of such groups by adding an unprecedented level of precision and networking.

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