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This Learning Centre provides support and supplementary resources for the HOW2 web app. For further details on HOW2s go to the home page or contact us to arrange a demonstration.


Coaching has not proved to be the panacea for rapid teacher improvement. Expensive, time-consuming and distracted by its life-coaching origins, coaching significantly gains in focus and impact when the expertise of the HOW2s are added to the mix.

Identify Target

Explore the target: As the coach, establish with your coachee teacher, the source of the target. Discover if the target was set for the teacher by someone else, with the teacher or by the teacher himself. 

Match to HOW2s

Find your HOW2s: With your coachee, and a few HOW2s that best support the target. Remind the teacher to mark his Status as Considering It.

Create a Set of selected HOW2s: Put the selected HOW2s into a Set.

Then create a Nudge for the coachee, attaching your Set and outlining the dates you’ve agreed by when he will attain the next two Statuses. 

Nudge received: After the meeting, the coachee looks at his Home page where the Set and Nudge have arrived. 

Learn HOW2 Steps

Study the HOW2s: The teacher now studies the HOW2s in their three formats. He views them with an eye to any potential problems if the HOW2 were used with no adaptations made for his class. He captures his thoughts in the Notes.

Change status: The teacher changes his status to Working On It.

Adapt to Context

Tweak the HOW2: Join your coachee in finding adaptive solutions to the HOW2 to suit his class. Ask him to outline as precisely, as he can, the reasoning for the adaptations based on his knowledge of his students. 

Capture these plans in the Notes.

Apply to Teaching

Try out the HOW2: Observe the teacher use the adapted HOW2 either at this first attempt or later after a few trials, as agreed. 

Review Impact

Feedback Time: Give the teacher feedback on your observation, comparing yours with his own evaluation of the effectiveness of the adaptations. 

Add your comments to his Notes.


Instructional Rounds

Instructional Rounds centres around observing teaching, not teachers. It brings a new level of rigour to observations from its medical origins. HOW2s assist in providing teachers with choices for their theories of action: the plans to address the learning needs of their students.

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