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This Learning Centre provides support and supplementary resources for the HOW2 web app. For further details on HOW2s go to the home page or contact us to arrange a demonstration.

Put Into Practice

Add HOW2s to your daily practice.

Download and complete this questionnaire first.

Coaching has not proved to be the panacea for rapid teacher improvement. Expensive, time-consuming and distracted by its life-coaching origins, coaching significantly gains in focus and impact when the expertise of the HOW2s are added to the mix.

Instructional Rounds centres around observing teaching, not teachers. It brings a new level of rigour to observations from its medical origins. HOW2s assist in providing teachers with choices for their theories of action: the plans to address the learning needs of their students.

Issuing observation grades and targets, on its own, doesn’t improve the quality of teaching. Providing teachers with a host of personalised and practical solutions to use immediately, does. HOW2s fulfill this role.

Meetings can often be a quicksand of administration rather than a hotbed of ideas about improving teaching. HOW2s change all that and put teaching at the forefront of activity.

Invite your learners to be partners with you in planning and reviewing a HOW2 expedition — fine-tuning it together to expand your joint repertoire of class techniques

HOW2s introduce a level of objectivity and shared understanding to Peer Observations that enhance the learning of both parties.

Modern professionals want their learning to be: Just for me. Just in time. Just enough (and no more). Not just once. HOW2s are just perfect.

HOW2s add rigour and efficiency to Supported Experiments with tools for action research, communication and the sharing of best practice.

In sharing professional know-how with words alone, much is lost or misunderstood. HOW2s elevate the quality of such groups by adding an unprecedented level of precision and networking.

HOW2s give training impact. Practical and comprehensive in range, HOW2s provide personalisation and extend the training effect back into teachers’ classrooms.