The HOW2 app

Enrich practice with well over a hundred evidence-informed techniques. Unique step-by-step visuals make learning them a cinch.

Share best practices among colleagues across the whole college with the Skills Exchange.

Use a suite of tools to connect and collaborate on professional learning projects such as supported experiments.


It’s an accurate sharing of ideas because we’ve got a HOW2 to follow. We don’t get this mutation of ideas. The HOW2s really help to capture and communicate that learning.

Lynda Hammond CPD Manager, Henley College Coventry

It gives lecturers ownership. And it gives precision to dialogue so we’re all talking about the same thing. From that we can share best practice.

Carole Kane CPD Manager, Abingdon & Witney College

The HOW2s allow for professional autonomy. It gives them guidance; it gives them choice. And it gives them respect in that they can look at them in their own time, without others observing.

Zoe Denston Director of Humanities, King Edward VI College Nuneaton

They’re brilliant - you can visualise yourself being in the classroom.

Edyta Jaszczyszyn Teacher and Manager, College of Haringey

Learn alongside students

Outcomes for students become the reason for teachers to engage in professional learning

Realising the Power of Professional Learning (2011), Open University Press

Helen Timperley

Professor of Education in the Faculty of Education at the University of Auckland, New Zealand

Learning outcomes inform your teaching

Each HOW2 describes how it develops student learning skills. This helps teachers create Double Decker lessons with the focus both on subject matter and building learning power.

Explain them to students at the start of a lesson to help them own and monitor their learning.


They’re very convenient. You can learn new HOW2s anytime.

Edyta Jaszczyszyn Teacher and Manager, College of Haringey

Looking at these visualisations that take you through that teaching strategy, step-by-step, is like gold dust.

Rosie Douglas Manager, Mid Kent College

Learn with colleagues

Community of Practice with the HOW2 app

Skills Exchange

Share best practice

  • Network of expertise
  • Learn with and from others
  • Fast-track your learning


Set up action

  • Invite others to participate
  • Nudge anyone
  • Start projects

Inform and enthuse

  • Spread your know-how
  • Collaborate online
  • Receive colleagues’ recommendations

Learn from evidence

90% of F.E. colleges that use HOW2s have improved their inspection report grade. The national average is 40%.

From an 18-month period throughout England

The Education Endowment Foundation was impressed by the way HOW2s make complex evidence accessible to classroom teachers. HOW2s are now part of the EEF’s largest-ever research study involving over 8000 schools in the UK.

HOW2 can be used on varied devices

Having over 150 HOW2s at your fingertips is empowering. It gives teachers…

Everyday CPD

  • No more web searching — instant solutions in one place
  • Provides a private space for teachers to learn
  • Anytime from anywhere
  • Expertise without complex research

Immediate transfer

  • Understand in minutes
  • Easy to personalise for your class
  • Engaging strategies develop literacy
  • Easy to follow, step-by-step guides

Peer Coaching

  • No preparation required
  • Shows you what and how to coach
  • Stop diluted cascading of training
  • Personalised coaching for all


  • Constantly generate new ideas
  • Encourage T&L discussion
  • Better teaching and better outcomes
  • Support whole staff collaboration

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