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We help subject experts become teaching experts

The HOW2 Teacher Development Platform; where every educator can go to access teaching expertise and work collegially to develop their practice.

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Why choose the HOW2 Platform?

Quick and easy learning for busy teachers

Over 160 step-by-step, visual guides to teaching techniques accelerate the learning and application of Evidence Based Teaching (EBT)

Build communities of practice

Intra and inter college communities offer a collegial space where teachers reflect, support each other and share their learning

Remove barriers to progress

Identify learning needs and access the best-suited, most effective solutions - in seconds

Our partners and customers

Providing personalised, organisation-wide pedagogical expertise for…

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Take a tour of the HOW2 platform with our very own HOW2 guru Damian.

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Join Damian and HOW2 users in our next webinar on 12th June at 16:00.