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The HOW2 Teacher Development Platform...

Gives quality managers the power to support 1000s of educators at the touch of a button and every educator 24/7 access to pedagogical expertise

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Why choose the HOW2 Platform?

Quick and easy learning for busy teachers

Evidence-Based-Teaching techniques for instant transfer to the classroom, lab, or workspace

A community of empowered educators

Social learning features to help busy teachers share best practices and learn and develop together

Scalable success without the stress

The capacity to deliver individualised CPD to every teacher including part-time and adjuncts

Our partners and customers

Providing personalised, organisation-wide pedagogical expertise for…

Take a tour of the HOW2 platform with our very own HOW2 guru Damian.

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Join Damian and HOW2 users in our next webinar on 23rd October at 16:00.