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This Learning Centre provides support and supplementary resources for the HOW2 web app. For further details on HOW2s go to the home page or contact us to arrange a demonstration.

Lesson Observations

Issuing observation grades and targets, on its own, doesn’t improve the quality of teaching. Providing teachers with a host of personalised and practical solutions to use immediately, does. HOW2s fulfill this role.

Identify Targets

Identify Targets: As the Lesson Observer, identify areas you want to see developed in your assigned teacher. Write these as targets to be assessed at the next observation. 

Match to HOW2s

Match to HOW2s: Provide the teacher with HOW2 solutions to support the targets. 

Create a Set of HOW2s: Put the suggested HOW2s into a Set and send it to the teacher. 

Use the Skills Exchange: Advise the teacher to use the Skills Exchange to contact a colleague with either the Working On It, or Embedded It Status for support. 

Status – Working On It: Remind the teacher to mark her HOW2 Status as Working On It.

Learn HOW2 Steps

Consider Adaptations: The teacher finds your Set of suggested HOW2s when she logs in to the HOW2 app. She then studies the first HOW2 in all three formats, using the Notes to record any potential pitfalls of using the HOW2 as it is without any adaptations for her classes. 

Find Colleagues’ Know-How: The teacher may also contact a colleague for advice, who is identified in the Skills Exchange as having know-how of the selected HOW2

Read Colleagues’ Notes: The teacher will also read the Notes section to learn from colleagues who have used the HOW2 previously and shared their learning. 

Adapt to Context

Plan the Adaptations: The teacher, alone or with the contacted colleague, works to create any necessary adaptations to the HOW2 to suit his class. Plans are placed in the Notes.

Record Impact: The teacher trials the HOW2 and its possible adaptations, recording the impact in the Notes.

Apply to Teaching

Lesson Observation: You now conduct the second lesson observation with the teacher confident having trialled the HOW2 several times previously. Use the same criteria as previously but, this time, also read the teacher’s Notes to better understand what is planned. 

Review Impact

Feedback framed by HOW2: Give the teacher feedback both regarding the formal criteria, but also with your knowledge of the HOW2 plans. This adds a formative element missing from formal observations. 

Embed the HOW2 in Practice: If the lesson is successful, direct the teacher to change her HOW2 Status to Embedded It. And encourage her to offer her newly acquired know-how to colleagues via the Skills Exchange.



Meetings can often be a quicksand of administration rather than a hotbed of ideas about improving teaching. HOW2s change all that and put teaching at the forefront of activity.

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