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This Learning Centre provides support and supplementary resources for the HOW2 web app. For further details on HOW2s go to the home page or contact us to arrange a demonstration.

Self Study

Modern professionals want their learning to be: Just for me. Just in time. Just enough (and no more). Not just once. HOW2s are just perfect.

Identify Targets

Clarify your focus: Clarify both the source of the target and also the student focus. 

Match to HOW2s

Find your HOW2s: Find a HOW2 to support the attainment of your target. Take into account your familiarity with the technique and its complexity.

Select your status: Mark your status for the selected HOW2 as Considering It until you start to work on it.

Learn HOW2 Steps

Study your HOW2s: Study the HOW2 in its three formats to clarify exactly what’s involved. Also read any shared Notes made by colleagues in their previous use of the HOW2.

Scan the Skills Exchange: Scan the Skills Exchange to search for colleagues who have embedded the selected HOW2 into their practice and have offered to support colleagues.

Consider any adaptations: Now look at the HOW2 with a view to any possible pitfalls in using it with no adaptations for your class. Capture your thoughts in the Notes.

Adapt to Context

Note Adaptations: Adapt the HOW2 to suit your specific classroom context. Your ideas are captured in the Notes.

Apply to Teaching

Try out the HOW2s: Put your adapted HOW2 to the test, realising that new teaching skills may take several attempts before getting it right. Record how it went in the Notes.

Review Impact

Fine-Tune or Embed?: Through video, observation data, student feedback or learning outcomes, decide whether to fine-tune and re-trial, or to embed the HOW2 into your practice. Capture your thoughts in the Notes.

Embed In Practice

Embed in your practice: Signal your changed Status to Embedded It. And offer your experience to others in the Skill Exchange, as well as sharing the HOW2 with colleagues.


Supported Experiments

HOW2s add rigour and efficiency to Supported Experiments with tools for action research, communication and the sharing of best practice.

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