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Empowering teachers to nurture improved learning outcomes.

The HOW2 Platform supports and encourages educators to grow as confident, engaging, adaptive teaching experts. Because we believe that empowered, confident teachers nurture better outcomes for learners.

Endorsed, accredited and supported by nationally recognised independent bodies

Meet the team

Ian Harris, BA(Hons) PGCE, CEO

HOW2 CEO and founder, Ian Harris is passionate about creating innovative ways to empower the educators he works with. In 2011, building on his experience as a teacher, SEN professional and independent coach, Ian - along with a team of educational and technical experts - devised and established the HOW2 Instructional Coaching Platform.

Nicky Dyer, Senior Operations Manager

Nicky has been with the HOW2 team right from the start. Responsible for the company's day to day operations, admininstration and finance, Nicky is very often the first point of contact for customers and suppliers alike.

Damian Rollinson Small, Director of Partnerships and Teaching and Learning

With over 12 years experience using the HOW2 app - as teacher, advanced practitioner and manager - Damian works on a 1:1 basis with UK-based HOW2 Leads and hosts regular webinars for new and existing HOW2 customers. Damian is also responsible for delivering the HOW2 Instructional Coaching Programme.

Anne Burke, MA, Overseas HOW2 Lead and Communications Manager

HOW2's newest member, Anne joined the team in October 2021 as HOW2 Lead for US community colleges. She is responsible for content development and for managing and implementing the company's global communications strategy.

Dr. Chuck Terrell, Workforce Development Lead and Advisor

Chuck was President at Eastern West Virginia Community and Technical College from July 2010 to June 2021. Today he is the President and CEO of Advancement and Innovation Strategies, LLC, a contractor for the National Center for Resource Development, and advisor to TeachingHOW2s.

Bonnie Ordonez, US HOW2 Associate

Bonnie’s career in higher education has spanned over 24 years. She was a long-term faculty member in teacher education for several years as well as a Department Chair and Dean. She currently serves as the Director of Faculty Development. She began using Teaching HOW2s to support faculty and is excited to share her experience.

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