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This Learning Centre provides support and supplementary resources for the HOW2 web app. For further details on HOW2s go to the home page or contact us to arrange a demonstration.


Meetings can often be a quicksand of administration rather than a hotbed of ideas about improving teaching. HOW2s change all that and put teaching at the forefront of activity.

Identify Targets

Set up Group: As meeting leader, set up a group of the meeting’s attendees 

You will find Groups within the Menu button

Set Targets: Now, identify areas for development by analysing inspection reports, lesson observations and self-evaluations. Include these areas on the meeting agenda you send to the attending teachers 

Match to HOW2s

Match HOW2s: At the start of the meeting, organise an activity of matching the new targets to HOW2s. Establish agreement on the choice of HOW2s. 

Groups the HOW2s into a Set: Group the HOW2s together into a Set to send to the teachers who receive it immediately on their devices 

Learn HOW2 Steps

Study HOW2s: In the main part of the meeting, the teachers look through the selected HOW2s in their three formats. They identify any potential problems if they don’t make some adaptations to the HOW2 to suit their particular classes. Their thoughts are captured in their Notes. 

Adapt to Context

Share Notes of Adaptations: Still in the main part of the meeting, teachers share their Notes and work on creating solutions with their adaptations. Once more, ideas are captured in their Notes and viewed by meeting colleagues. 

Change HOW2 Status: The teachers now change their HOW2 status to Working On It.

Agree Dates: Agrees dates for when the first trials will take place, as well as when the teachers will achieve the Embedded It Status. Send this in as a Nudge to the teachers. 

Apply to Teaching

Trial the HOW2s: After the meeting, the teachers apply their HOW2 plans and record the progress in their Notes. They make their Notes visible to meeting colleagues to give and receive advice from each other. 

Collaborate Online: By making their notes visible to their colleagues, teachers collaborate online by commenting on each other’s progress Notes.

Review Impact

Report Back: At the next meeting, the teachers report back on their trials, identifying the impact it had on the students. Any suggestions for improvement by colleagues are captured in their Notes.

Fine-Tune or Embed?: At the same meeting, the teachers, informed by colleagues’ opinions, decide whether their HOW2 need further fine-tuning and re-trialling or is ready to be embedded in practice. If so, the status is changed accordingly. 


Partnership Teaching

Invite your learners to be partners with you in planning and reviewing a HOW2 expedition — fine-tuning it together to expand your joint repertoire of class techniques

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