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This Learning Centre provides support and supplementary resources for the HOW2 web app. For further details on HOW2s go to the home page or contact us to arrange a demonstration.

Teaching & Learning Groups

In sharing professional know-how with words alone, much is lost or misunderstood. HOW2s elevate the quality of such groups by adding an unprecedented level of precision and networking.

Identify Targets

Set up a Teaching & Learning Group: As group leader set up a Group and share its details with the members.

Agree joint focus: At this first meeting, agree your joint focus. This could be based on organisational, departmental or individual goals.

Match to HOW2s

Match HOW2s: Now, together, match HOW2s to the agreed targets. Work either individually or collaboratively.

Set status to Considering It: Remind teachers to set their status for each HOW2 they are working on to Considering It.

Create a Set of your HOW2s: Organise the selected HOW2s into a Set and send it to all members of the team there and then.

Send a Nudge: Send your colleagues a Nudge with your agreed time lines for reaching the statuses of Working On It and Embedded It.

Learn HOW2 Steps

Study HOW2s: The teachers study their HOW2s in the three formats. They use the Notes to capture any ideas of possible adaptations to suit their class situations.

Change status: The teachers now change the status of their HOW2s being studied to Working On It.

Adapt to Context

Adapt HOW2s: Organise teachers to work, after the meeting, on creating adaptations to the HOW2s considered at stage 3. They work on their own or in pairs, capturing their plans in the Notes.

Share Adaptations: See if the group wants to meet again to share their proposed adaptations and make suggestions to each other. Ideas are captured in their Notes.

Apply to Teaching

Record progress in Notes: Remind teachers when trialling their HOW2s, to use the Notes to record the impact.

Share Notes: Teachers share their developing Notes and respond to each other by providing feedback.

Review Impact

Collaborate and Review: Collaborate with your colleagues to evaluate the impact on students’ learning. Capture your thoughts in the Notes. Then share them with your group member colleagues.

Report Back: At the next meeting, organise teachers to report back on their trials using the presentation format. Some also can show their videos.

Embed In Practice

Embed or Fine-Tune?: At the same meeting, teachers decide, with advice from colleagues, whether their HOW2 needs further fine-tuning or is ready to be embedded into regular practice.



HOW2s give training impact. Practical and comprehensive in range, HOW2s provide personalisation and extend the training effect back into teachers’ classrooms.

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