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This Learning Centre provides support and supplementary resources for the HOW2 web app. For further details on HOW2s go to the home page or contact us to arrange a demonstration.

Sharing Best Feedback Practice

Lesson observers share with each other how they use HOW2s in their feedback.


To increase the effectiveness of lesson observation feedback. 


Set up lesson observers sharing their practice. 

Using Nudge, ask a leader of the lesson observations team to set up a Group of these colleagues. 

Access Groups from the Menu button
Create a Group

Set up protocols for sharing. 

Use Nudge when giving feedback to teachers, attaching a Set of recommended HOW2s to address their development targets. 

Use Nudge with fellow observers to share their Sets of recommended HOW2s to illuminate their matching of HOW2s to student learning needs. 

Attach Set to Nudge


Share Current Best Practice

Share your practical know-how of using HOW2s.

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