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This Learning Centre provides support and supplementary resources for the HOW2 web app. For further details on HOW2s go to the home page or contact us to arrange a demonstration.

Teaching & Learning Groups

More precise capture and sharing of evolving practice by using HOW2s.


To share best and evolving practice. 

To provide precision and structure to the dialogue. 


Set up a meeting by creating a Group of attending teachers, then a personal Set of HOW2s. 

Find Groups within Menu
Create a Group
Create a personal Set

Set up teacher preparation. 

Use Nudge to request the teachers study the Teaching & Learning Groups information in Put It Into Practice within the Learning Centre.


Organise the sharing process by using the HOW2 Presentation visual format to explain how they have adapted the HOW2s to their classrooms. 

Presentation visual format

Ensure post-meeting progress by using Nudge to inform them of dates by when they will be expected to attain the Considering It, Working On It and Embedded It statuses. 


Ensure post-meeting collaboration by sharing Notes with your group members online. 

Share Notes with Teaching & Learning Group


Training Day Preparation

Organise a training day around teachers sharing how they use the HOW2s in their classrooms.

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