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Applying HOW2

Encourage teachers not only to learn, but to develop as adaptive experts

The step-by-step, sequential nature of the HOW2s promotes adaptive thinking right from the outset and brings deliberate and guided expertise to professional learning activities designed to enhance student learning and engagement.

The HOW2s bring tangible benefits to a wide variety of professional learning activities

Giving learning groups a plethora of ideas to explore, the HOW2 guides facilitate a shared focus for learning and understanding. In between workshops, the HOW2 social learning features provide a structured framework for ongoing practical exploration that feeds into subsequent group sessions.

Round the clock access to instructional coaching expertise puts teachers in charge of their own learning. The HOW2 app gives teachers a private space where they can learn and explore at their own pace. They can also learn with peers using a range of social learning tools.

Giving teachers access to the HOW2 app means they can quickly respond proactively to student feedback and adapt their teaching to meet the learning needs identified by their students. In addition, if they wish, teachers can use the presentation mode to display the techniques to students to discuss their adaptation to their context.

Coaches can provide hundreds of busy educators with precise and explicit teaching models that are easy to learn and apply - delivering expert know-how and saving time for both coach and coachee. The platform’s social learning features encourage peer-to-peer learning providing an additional source of coaching support for teachers.

Whilst the community notice feature can be used to promote training events, the HOW2 nudge feature can be used to ask teachers to preview material in advance of workshops. The vast library of content means you never need to recycle old ideas.

Following observations, the HOW2 guides shift the focus away from talking about ‘what’ to do, towards discussing ‘how’ to do it. The HOW2s equip managers and teachers with the know-how they need to deliver on professional development goals.

The HOW2s provide a common focus for peer observations. Whilst the observee can decide on the particular teaching technique to review, the observer can offer precise, targeted input to shared learning conversations - enhancing the learning experience for both participants.

The HOW2 Process

A common process which underpins all professional learning activities

What part of the student learning experience isn’t working? A learning need or specific barrier(s) to student progress is identified.

Teaching solutions are explored in the library. Skills exchange statuses are set to ‘considering it’ and initial notes are made.

Infographics and presentations are used to learn a chosen technique(s). Peers are consulted via the skills exchange.

Adaptations to the technique are made, perhaps with colleagues identified using the skills exchange, to suit the teacher's context.

The techniques are used as part of a teaching sequence. Skills exchange statuses are changed to 'working on it'.

Notes are discussed with peers or a coach. Qualitative and quantitative metrics are noted and any necessary changes are made.

Notes on the technique's adaptations and impact are published and shared with peers. Skills exchange statuses are changed to embedded.

Recipe for Success

HOW2s thrive when three key groups are aligned

Senior leaders…

… who view high quality pedagogy as key to improving student engagement, retention and learning outcomes.

Managers and coaches…

… who use the HOW2 platform to drive organisation-wide professional learning.

End users…

… who want to be as expert in pedagogy as they are in their subject area.

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