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What we offer

Standardise, sustain and scale Evidence Based Teaching across your entire organisation

Add the HOW2 factor to professional learning. All subscriptions include access to the app for all staff, plus comprehensive support and the chance to collaborate with a thriving customer community.

Not just another web app

Our Three Pillars

Platform Access

Set up and hosting, regular feature and content updates, single sign-on, and tech and admin support by phone and online.


Implementation planning, monthly one-to-one meetings, 12 hour HOW2 Champions training for key staff.


Whole-organisation professional learning community, networking with other providers, monthly best practice meetings and forum for lead staff, plus teacher best practice events.

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We understand that every organisation is different. Join us for a quick introductory call so we can better understand your needs and how we can help.

HOW2s gave over 2000 staff personalised, evidence-based support with their pedagogy and the ability to work collegially to improve learning outcomes, achieving unprecedented inspection results.

Photo of Dame Sally Dicketts, DBE

Dame Sally Dicketts, DBE

President, Association of English Colleges, 2019-2022

The support provided by the team at TeachingHOW2s is extraordinary. The HOW2 platform is the unique faculty development solution we’ve been looking for.

Photo of Bonnie McCall Ordonez Ed.D

Bonnie McCall Ordonez Ed.D

Dean of Educational Systems and Community and Corporate Education, Pittsburgh Technical College

The advice and support provided by the community was indispensable and helped to achieve the successful rollout of HOW2 across 1200 trainers.

Photo of Simon Scott-Munden

Simon Scott-Munden

Lead Senior Defence Trainer at Team Fisher, Capita

Join our next open event on May 22nd

Part of our virtual webinar series for FE and HE colleges and vocational training organisations, you will hear first-hand, how our customers are using, adapting and implementing the techniques on the HOW2 app to support TLA practices and impact learning outcomes.

Additional services we provide

Many of our colleges opt for our plug and go option whilst others opt for additional services outlined below.

Train-the-trainer days

Many of our customers request our bespoke online and F2F coaching services. Our TTT options include 1:1 coaching days and one-off training courses and events.

Partnership support

Some of our larger customers with multiple sites choose to avail of our partnership support option where we work with you every step of the way as though we are an additional member of your team.

You may have some questions

The HOW2 app is designed to promote and encourage a whole college, community-driven approach to teaching and learning so we only work at the level of the organisation. In fact, many of our customers have implemented the platform across multiple campuses situated in distributed locations.

Pricing is determined by the size of your organisation, specifically the number of faculty/teachers that you employ. We work with prospective HOW2 community members prior to joining to help them envision how they will use the platform to support all their faculty/teachers. And we believe every educator is entitled to the support offered by the platform.

We do however recognise that sometimes things change. For example, departments or even entire campuses can close. So we would look at that at renewal and certainly if your staff numbers have decreased we would take that into consideration when reviewing your subscription.

Our minimum subscription period is 12 months. We also recommend and offer incentives for two or three year subscriptions. Signing up for multiple years locks in your year one price for your chosen subscription period. We also offer savings for payment in full, in advance; 5% for two-years and 10% for a three year subscription period.

No. You will pay the one agreed price at the beginning of your subscription and regardless of what extra features or techniques we add during the year, you will not be charged more. For example, in 2021 a whole new collection of online HOW2s was added.

And a suite of improvements was made to the features to make it easier still to capture and share learning across the learning community. None of our community members paid any additional fee for access to these additions and updates.

Charities are eligible for our standard education rates.

Get in touch, we’ll be happy to help.

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Join Damian and HOW2 users in our next webinar on May 22nd.