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Systematic Pedagogical Support for the Whole Organisation

Easy-to-use features to help teachers lead their own learning, share expertise and work collegially to learn and apply evidence-based teaching (EBT) techniques.

Quick and easy learning for busy teachers

Precise, easy-to-navigate guides make learning and adapting the HOW2 techniques quick and easy, whether it’s for the classroom, lab or workspace.

Practical themes help teachers quickly find teaching solutions to meet student learning needs.

Users can organise individual teaching techniques into sets that meet their TLA, subject and professional learning goals.

Incisive explanations assist teachers with adapting and applying each technique to meet the learning needs of their students.

Building Communities of Practice

This unique feature facilitates the sharing of best practices across and between subject areas and across entire teaching organisations.

Users can capture their learning, and share this with colleagues across their own institution - and with colleagues working in institutions that are part of a wider, inter-college HOW2 community of support.

Used for collaborative learning and knowledge sharing; anyone can create groups that transcend subject and campus boundaries.

An organisation-wide tool to celebrate and share successes, announce forthcoming events and promote pedagogy across the organisation.

Removing Barriers to Student Learning

Thirty questions connect teachers to every day barriers to student progress and act as the gateway to a range of teaching solutions.

Immediate access to 160+ techniques and the know-how teachers need to meet the learning need of their students.

Teachers and managers use nudges to share what’s working best with colleagues, shortening improvement cycles from weeks to hours.

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Part of our virtual webinar series for FE and HE colleges and vocational training organisations, you will hear first-hand, how our customers are using, adapting and implementing the techniques on the HOW2 app to support TLA practices and impact learning outcomes.

Take a tour of the HOW2 platform with our very own HOW2 guru Damian.

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