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Who are the HOW2s for?

In short, leaders who see HOW2s as a better, more efficient, effective and cost-saving way to support their educators to improve learning through better teaching. Leaders like Sally Dicketts, CBE.

NOTE: Since Sally spoke to us, two new colleges have joined the Activate group. There are now well over 3000 teachers working across the group. The increased number of teachers working at Activate makes Sally’s point about the challenge of achieving consistency (See part 1) more pertinent. 

Sally Dicketts is CEO of Activate Learning group of further education colleges. She is also President of the English Association of Colleges. The video lasts three and a half minutes. There are four parts. 

1. Why we bought it / what it does for us: 0 — 1 min 20 sec

2. Improved teaching/results / more confident students: 1 min 20 sec — 2 min 22 sec

3. Checking and knowing what is going on: 2 mins 22 sec — 2 min 52 sec 

4. A product that grows with you: 2 min 52 — end 


While you are here, here’s a two minute introductory video


And if that’s raised your interest levels put the kettle on. Here’s a twelve minute video showing you what the app can do.