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FAQ → Introducing HOW2s

What ISHOW2?

A HOW2 is a step-by-step visual explanation of a teaching technique. 

We use a combination of still visuals and words to accurately convey precisely what a teaching technique IS. Using visual explanations in this way makes the learning process for a teacher quicker and easier and accelerates the transfer of learning to the workplace.

Here’s a video we made a few years back as we were introducing HOW2s to the world


Focussing on making improvements in HOW to improve learning through better teaching

As the name HOW2’ suggests the focus is not on what is being taught, rather it is on supporting teachers with HOW to teach the content. 

It may be useful to distinguish the difference between a teaching strategy and a teaching technique. A strategy is a conceptual idea. A technique is a concrete example of the concept. 

For example, Questioning is a strategy. 

Think-Pair-Share, Co-operative Answers and Discursive Questioning are examples of techniques that belong to this strategy.