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What is the HOW2 web app?

It’s a teacher (educator) training and development app. Our customers use the HOW2 web app to train new and reinvigorate experienced, full, part‑time and sessional educators in the craft of teaching online and in the classroom. They use it to improve learning through better teaching.


The app contains >150 visual explanations of evidence-informed teaching techniques. The combination of still visuals and words makes it quick and easy for educators to learn new methods. The content is regularly updated. For example, in response to the Corona Virus by June 2020, we’d added >30 new techniques to support our customers with their online teaching.

A suite of social learning tools makes it a cinch for educators to ask for or offer support to colleagues or for quality managers and coaches to push support to the teachers they are supporting. A purpose-built Skills Exchange makes sharing and evidencing best practice across your entire organisation, very, very easy, encouraging collaboration and allowing, for example, a minimal number of coaches to quickly personalise the CPD for a very large number of users.

Teachers use the Skills Exchange to share professional learning across the organisation

Teachers often ask coaches and managers What does outstanding teaching look like?” This is almost impossible to answer even in one context, let alone the thousands of different settings across, say, an FE/Community college or university. The HOW2 web app offers a radical new approach by using step-by-step graphics to show teachers precisely what outstanding teaching looks like. So, whether the teacher is straight from an industry with no teaching qualifications, newly qualified, or an experienced teacher, there are a plethora of techniques for any subject and any level, from pre-entry level to level 8!

With HOW2s at the centre, every professional learning activity starts with the 150 blueprints of quality teaching. And establish a shared understanding of the mechanics of excellence from the very start.

HOW2s add precision and efficiency to any professional learning activity