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Will I get good value for money?

Using HOW2s we increased our coaching support from 40% in a YEAR to 100% in a TERM with the same staffing.

Becky Valleley, SCL Ltd ( A National UK Training Provider) 

Used well, HOW2s give incredible value for money. With very little human resource personalised CPD support can be given to a huge number of teachers — even part-time and sessionals who can often get missed. 

So, like Becky, you should absolutely expect to be able to provide better quality support to your teachers, more efficiently for less money. 

Take a look at what Sally Dicketts CBE has to say. It’ll only take a minute.

Sally Dicketts, CBE, is the CEO of Activate Learning Group of Colleges and President of the English Association of Colleges.

Sally is a thought leader in post-16 education. Here’s Sally’s advice on what you need to think about when considering whether or not to subscribe to HOW2s.


Activate Learning group have used HOW2s since 2015

Locking in savings for three more years

In 2020 Middlesbrough College resubscribed to HOW2s for a further three years. They have now been with us for seven years. Watch the video to find out why they trusted us with their faculty support in the middle of a pandemic. 


I can’t imagine what we’d have to invest to get the same level of support to the same number of teachers on the same number of occasions as we do when we implement HOW2s

Gordon Duffy-McGhie Director of Teaching, Learning and Student Experience Middlesbrough College, England.

Some things to think about before we speak.

With regards to coaching.
How much capital do you currently invest in coaching support? Do you want to increase the number of faculty you support or do you need to reduce capital expenditure on coaching?

With regards to the creation of support materials.
How much do you currently invest in the creation, hosting and updating of pedagogical support materials? How do they compare to HOW2s? By switching to HOW2s some organisations save hundreds of thousands of £s or $s.

With regards to your current expenditure.
What is it costing? Is it working? Is it having the impact you need? 

With regards to improvement cycles.
How long is your improvement cycle? How many professionals invest time in this? Would you be interested in reducing this cycle from a typical 4 – 6 weeks to a few days?

With regards to training days and workshops?
What is the personnel and time allocation to setting up and running these events? Are all your faculty able to attend all the time or do adjunct and sessionals sometimes miss out? Do the teachers who would most benefit from the training always show up? How personalised is it? 

We put a lot of work into working with you before you make a subscription decision. We want to make sure that the HOW2 web app is a good fit for you. Strange as it may seem we may recommend that you don’t subscribe. So talk to us. One of two things will happen. Together we see how you can do what you do now, only better and for less money (and you’ll be able to knock off a bit earlier than you do now to spend more time with your kids). And your teachers will love you for giving them access to the HOW2s.

OR, we will part as friends and chances are you’ll have found the time talking to us useful anyway and will come back to us when you are ready. Either that or you’ll tell a friend what lovely people we are. 

Ian Harris, CEO Train Visual Ltd