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Achieving consistency and standardising Teaching, Learning and Assessment

HOW2s provide an instant way to achieve consistency and standardise teacher competencies for Teaching Learning and Assessment — particularly useful for a large staff or one spread across a college group or a number of campuses.

Shared Understanding and Language.
The step-by-step visuals that are HOW2s mean that everyone can share a common understanding of what a specific technique is. This simply is not possible when we rely on words alone or when the visuals are separate from the graphic.
The fact that each technique has its own name means that a shared naming convention can be applied by 000s of teachers. 

In the video below Sally Dicketts CBE talks about how HOW2s
• provide transparency of practice across the organisation as managers work to translate SLT strategy to effective instruction.
• were subscribed to in 2014 to help her ensure consistency of quality of teaching across such a large and diverse group
• help teachers meet the challenge of motivating students to succeed; many students have already experienced failure at school — particularly in subjects like English and Maths. 

NOTE: Activate now employs far more than the two thousand staff mentioned in the video. 

Sally Dicketts, CBE

Sally is CEO of Activate Learning group of Colleges and The Oxford Partnership (TOP) College Group (Eleven Further Education Colleges in total). Based at Oxford City College in Oxfordshire, Activate employs thousands of teachers across England and Saudi Arabia.

Sally is also President of the English Association of Colleges.

In the video below, Gordon Duffy McGhie describes the impact HOW2s have made at Middlesbrough College. 

Gordon is Director of Teaching, Learning and Student Achievement.