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I’m looking for something fresh and innovative — is this it?

We think so!

One of our users won a National Award with HOW2s for Innovation in Peer Coaching (The HOW2s was the innovative bit). This same lady was so amazing she was commended by QAA (the Higher Education watchdog in England) and got good practice’ from OfSTED, the English Inspectorate. This lady now works with us and well over 100 colleges have now benefitted from her experience and expertise. 

Innovation can be disruptive, so it may be useful to mention that HOW2s is non-disruptive. As far as improving learning through better teaching is concerned, it will provide you with an innovative but efficient way of doing what you want to do. Here’s what Carole Kane was doing with HOW2s before she came to work with us. (The video is two minutes long)


It’s very fit for purpose. Watch this video, and you’ll see what we mean. It’s a bit long (12 mins), but it’ll give you a perfect sense of what the HOW2 app can do for you.