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Qualification Providers and Curriculum Leaders

We subscribe to HOW2s to support faculty in delivering our qualifications, as the practical and regularly updated strategies help our tutors to plan innovative learning activities that stretch and challenge all our learners and create positive, engaging learning environments.

Louisa Owens, Liverpool City College 


Whether they work for the organisation selling the qualification or the organisation buying them, curriculum leaders are experts in the qualifications, they are experts in the curriculum being taught. So, in short, they are experts in what is being taught. But are they (as) expert in how best to teach it?

Generally speaking, their job is to ensure that the qualification is successfully taught. Often there is an associated add-on responsibility. To improve the quality of learning through better teaching. So that ALL learners can access the qualification and thereby access future life, learning and employment opportunities. 

Often curriculum leaders find themselves with the task of supporting colleagues across campuses or colleges. Across counties, districts, states, countries even. 

The suggestion here is that the HOW2 app provides a better and more efficient way to support the effective delivery of qualifications and improve learning through better teaching. Put another way the suggestion is that HOW2s can enable Qualification Providers and Curriculum Leaders to support their users in HOW they teach the qualification. 

For curriculum leaders working for organisations selling qualifications, it provides a unique and proven way to put all their buyers in one place (so they can support each other) and support their buyers directly in delivering their qualifications. 

Introductory video. It's one minute and forty-three seconds long. Take a look, it'll save time in the long run.

NCG deliver a range of NCFE/CACHE qualifications in curriculum areas such as childcare, education, mental health and travel and tourism. We subscribe to HOW2s to support our teachers in delivering these qualifications, they support our staff to overcome the barriers to learning, providing the learners with an opportunity to excel in their studies.

Adrian Pegg, Assistant Director Teaching, Learning and Assessment at Newcastle College Group

It’s interesting to note Adrian’s reference to Barriers to Progress’ (aka Learning Needs). Interesting in that unless educators have access to the know-how they need to overcome barriers as they occur access to the qualification and therefore future opportunities will be affected. 

The same Barriers to Progress questions seen in the video above are used on the Professsional Learning Conversation cards seen in the video below
The teacher can get to teaching solutions via the questions on the app as well as the QR cards or shortened URLS on the cards

Introducing HOW2s

You’ll have seen on the videos that HOW2s are bite-sized, step-by-step, visual guides to Evidence-Informed Teaching techniques. If you skipped the videos imagine an aeroplane safety card, and you’ll be in the right ballpark. Now imagine 160+ cards, each one depicting a teaching technique for online or blended learning and you’ll’ve scored a goal (or if you are in the US a home run) 

Now imagine these easy to understand guides on a web app that has a suite of peer-to-peer social learning tools that make sharing best practice across ALL of your network a cinch. 

In short, curriculum providers sell WHAT educators teach. We sell HOW the curriculum leaders working for the organisation selling the qualification can support the curriculum leaders buying the qualification. By, in turn, helping them ensure their teachers are great at teaching the qualifications. 

I’m going to hand over to some of our (and your) customers to tell you more about HOW2s. 

How do you use HOW2s?

Paula Han (Milton Keynes College): I teach teachers who deliver courses covered by a variety of Awarding Organisations. Our College subscribes to HOW2 to support the delivery of course content that is stipulated in the Unit specification. HOW2 supports me in many ways, one to role model good practice when delivering my own teacher training sessions and in my Quality role when delivering CPD, coaching and feedback for teaching observations.

NOTE to Curriculum Leaders working for Qualifications Provider: Consider if and how Paula’s role in ensuring her colleagues deliver their qualifications (and improve the quality of teaching, learning and assessment) is similar to your own? Make a note of any questions that pop up. 

How does research inform your practice?

Paula: Research is continually supporting the need to encourage students to be actively involved in their own learning, and cognitive science is proving that learning happens when we think hard, furthermore social interaction and collaboration have also been shown to have huge benefits to learning.

Thumbnails from the main app library depicting three of the new Online HOW2s that support social interaction online

This is the beauty of HOW2, it provides a wealth of activities at your fingertips, it is so easy to use, you search the area and up pops a variety of things for you to try.

Paula Han 

HOW2’s help solve the difficulty in reaching and supporting all staff, in an efficient way, in developing not only their teaching practice but also underlying pedagogical knowledge

Adrian Pegg

I can’t imagine what we’d have to invest to get the same level of support to the same number of teachers on the same number of occasions as we do when we implement HOW2

Gordon Duffy-McGhie, Director of Teaching, Learning and Student Achievement Middlesbrough College

NOTE to Curriculum Leaders working for Qualifications Provider: The app, along with its content is informed by three areas of research. You can read extensively about them here

Question: How might you use HOW2s to support activities that you do to support the educators delivering your qualifications? How might you use HOW2s support a broader commitment to support improvements in teaching, learning and assessment? 

This resource enables teachers to become more innovative in their practice, providing clear step by step guidance of how to run activities

Paula Han 

It has enabled us to direct CPD across multiple sites as well as develop a model of face to face alongside remote access to CPD, making it accessible for all tutors, regardless of their location in the College.

Louisa Owen

During Lockdown we accelerated the production of a new ONLINE HOW2s collection

Sometimes working remotely can make regular sharing of ideas more difficult and this platform has allowed us access to a wide range [of ideas] which we can then share to colleagues, discuss with those who have tried it and gain advice from those working on it

LAUREN OSBORNE — TEACHER, SCL (Training Provider) 

You can create groups and share your reflections on the [professional learning] activities.

Paula Han 

With HOW2s we can effectively support large numbers of staff that are geographically dispersed across the country

Adrian Pegg 

NOTE to Curriculum Leaders working for Qualifications Provider: 

If everyone that was using your specific qualification was in one place how would you group them? 

we have increased our coaching from 44% in an academic year to 100% in just one term and will complete the process again for term 2, meaning that our staff will have a dramatic increase in opportunities to develop their teaching practice


NOTE to Curriculum Leaders working for Qualifications Provider: 

Do you ever need to send a note to (a group of) your customers? Perhaps pointing them to some techniques? Would HOW2s offer you an additional way of being a role model for your customers and an easier way still for them to ask for offer support to each other across your network?  

How has HOW2 changed what you do?

Paula: Before we had HOW2s the Team would deliver CPD sessions aware that when staff left the room they may not revisit what was delivered. We still do this but now HOW2 enables us to role model the strategies during CPD and teachers are then able to log onto their HOW2 after training and revisit the activity. Further use is when completing observation reports we can point staff in the direction of particular HOW2s. Added to this because it is an online tool, part-time staff who cannot attend CPD can still access the resource.

NOTE to Curriculum Leaders working for Qualifications Provider: 

Ring any bells? 
A nudge feature means teaching strategies can be shared across networks in seconds

HOW2s offers a personalised approach to CPD that works and is reducing teacher workload


I particularly like that you can send staff a nudge if you think they would benefit from the use of a strategy, this makes it really easy for them to get started

Paula Han, teacher trainer, Milton Keynes College. Paula uses HOW2s to support her in training and supporting teachers to deliver their qualifications

Teachers like the immediacy of the support offered.

We no longer need to spend time (or money) looking for pedagogical solutions or travelling to courses — we can get support to staff in minutes


All qualifications, all educators, 

Immediacy, scalability, standardisation, sustainable

Impact: Access to Qualification, shorten improvement cycles from weeks to days

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