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What research have you done to create HOW2s?

We’ve researched the research so to speak. As a result three main areas of research influence what we do.

1. Research on what teaching techniques work best. 

2. Research around how best to depict the techniques so that they are accurate, quick and easy to learn (and hard to forget) and support teachers in transferring it to their practice.

3. Research around what works best in terms of teacher CPD 

You can download papers that pull these themes together below. Or stay online and visit the Background and Research section of our FAQ page.


Built On Evidence

The provenance of the HOW2s is firmly evidence-based. But that is not enough. Such is the gap between the researcher and the teacher, that transformational design is needed to make the evidence classroom-ready.



Evidence-Informed CPD

A response to the McKinsey Report's recommendation to make CPD more precise for teaching to make the necessary improvements. And the way in which HOW2s bring that precision and clarity to evidence-based teaching.