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Published in Professional Learning

Using HOW2s to support Teacher Training

Paula Han is a teacher trainer at Milton Keynes College. In this blog post, Paula reports on how she uses HOW2s to support her in training and supporting teachers to deliver their qualifications.

How do you use HOW2s?

I teach teachers who deliver courses covered by a variety of Awarding Organisations. Our College subscribes to HOW2 to support the delivery of course content that is stipulated in the Unit specification. HOW2 supports me in many ways, one to role model good practice when delivering my own teacher training sessions and in my Quality role when delivering CPD, coaching and feedback for teaching observations.

How does research inform your practice?

Research is continually supporting the need to encourage students to be actively involved in their own learning, and cognitive science is proving that learning happens when we think hard, furthermore social interaction and collaboration have also been shown to have huge benefits to learning.

This is the beauty of HOW2, it provides a wealth of activities at your fingertips, it is so easy to use, you search the area and up pops a variety of things for you to try.

Paula Han

This resource enables teachers to become more innovative in their practice, providing clear step by step guidance of how to run activities

You can create groups and share your reflections on the activities.

Paula Han

How has HOW2 changed what you do?

Before we had HOW2s the Quality Team would deliver CPD sessions aware that when staff left the room they may not revisit what was delivered. We still do this but now HOW2 enables us to role model the strategies during CPD and teachers are then able to log onto their HOW2 after training and revisit the activity. Further use is when completing observation reports we can point staff in the direction of particular HOW2s. Added to this because it is an online tool, part-time staff who cannot attend CPD can still access the resource.

it provides a huge amount of tried and tested strategies at your fingertips, with step by step guides to doing them

Paula Han

What difference has HOW2 made to the organisation

It has provided an opportunity for teachers to become more innovative and try new ways of delivery. For some teachers, it has increased their confidence to try new things, and for some who have been teaching for years, it has provided a breath of fresh air and encouraged them to change what they do.

I particularly like that you can send staff a nudge if you think they would benefit from the use of a strategy, this makes it really easy for them to get started.

Paula Han