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Is your work informed by Cognitive Load Theory?

Absolutely. The HOW2 web app content and functions have all been shaped by the fabulous work on Cognitive Load Theory by John Sweller, Paul Ayres and Slava Kalyuga. 

In brief

The app provides a goal free enclosed environment (see The Goal Free Effect) where educators can learn with and from each other. 

The content of the app — the HOW2s are worked examples of teaching techniques (see Worked Example Effect) that avoid splitting attention (see Split Attention Effect) and take advantage of using both auditory and visual modalities (see Modality Effect)

Follow the link above (or the next one) and you’ll see that as we created the HOW2 step-by-step guides to teaching techniques we paid very close attention to the Redundancy Effect (we’ve stripped away all unnecessary information — leaving only a depiction of the teaching technique), as well as the Transient Information Effect 

Screen Grab from Infographic Summarising Cognitive Load Theory — download in full below


Cognitive Learning Theory

An infographic summary of the book Cognitive Load Theory by John Sweller, Paul Ayres, Slava Kalyuga (2011)