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What do you mean by Evidence-Informed CPD” ?

We noticed in the late 1990s and early to mid-2000s that there was an ever-growing interest in what has become more recently known as evidence-informed teaching (previously referred to as evidence-based approaches to teaching or EBT). But comparatively little was being made available on Evidence-Based Approaches to training educators. 

Our Evidence-Based CPD” viewpoint paper is our response to this. The paper looks at the importance of professional learning and the move towards education becoming a profession that is more informed by Evidence. It looks at the need for precision and a move away from declarative to procedural knowledge and our HOW2’ response to meet this need. You can download the viewpoint below. 


Evidence-Informed CPD

A response to the McKinsey Report's recommendation to make CPD more precise for teaching to make the necessary improvements. And the way in which HOW2s bring that precision and clarity to evidence-based teaching.