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Are you familiar with the work of Deans for Impact?

Yes. And we love it. As part of our research into creating HOW2s, we looked at the Science of Learning alongside other several other works, including Barak Rosenshine’s work on the Principles of Instruction. See image below. 

A summative look at the work we did to inform the creation of HOW2s

A poster summarizing the Science of Learning can be downloaded below. As can a PDF of the original paper. 

Summary of Science of Learning (download poster below)


The Science of Learning

A visual summary of most parts of Deans for Impact's 'The Science of Learning' report on cognitive science evidence.


The Science of Learning. The original paper by Deans for Impact

In their own words.

The purpose of The Science of Learning is to summarize the existing research from cognitive science related to how students learn and connect this research to its practical implications for teaching and learning.