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1 — A really quick introduction to HOW2s

This page seeks to answer the question What is it?” It’ll give you a framework into which you can slot and we can look to answer your questions. So it’s kinda a must-do page in that many of the other answers won’t make much sense unless you know what it is. 

Sorry, no time for a cuppa — this video is less than two minutes long. You may also want to check out the original 2009 concept video at the bottom of the page. We think it’s pretty cool (it’s less than a minute long) 

HOW2s provide a quick and easy way to develop online and face to face teaching skills

If you do fancy that cuppa and you have time now, here’s a twelve minute look at using the web app for professional learning.

Our mission is to improve learning through better teaching while saving you time and money

And if you haven’t finished that cuppa yet…

The original 1 minute concept video