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1 — A really quick introduction to HOW2s

This page seeks to answer the question What is it?” It’ll give you a framework into which you can slot and we can look to answer your questions. So it’s kinda a must-do page in that many of the other answers won’t make much sense unless you know what it is. 

Sorry, no time for a cuppa — this video is less than two minutes long. You may also want to check out the original 2009 concept video at the bottom of the page. We think it’s pretty cool (it’s less than a minute long) 

HOW2s provide a quick and easy way to develop online and face to face teaching skills

So, in brief; the HOW2 app provides 

• Content. Bite-sized, visual, step by step guide to evidence-informed teaching techniques* for use in any face-to-face and online learning environment. 

• Community Learning Tools. These support you in supporting faculty (teachers) and support faculty in asking for or offering support to each other. 

Interested in finding out more? If you do fancy that cup of tea and you have time now, go to part two of the buyer’s guide — Supporting teachers; empowering faculty to support each other’ where you’ll see how faculty developers, faculty managers, coaches (in fact anyone in a managerial role supporting improvements in learning) can better support teachers in making improvements.

*Shared Understanding and Language.
The step-by-step visuals that are HOW2s mean that everyone can share a common understanding of what a specific technique is. This simply is not possible when we rely on words alone or when the visuals are separated from and mental enery has to be expended working out their relationship to any graphics.
The fact that each technique has its own name means that a shared naming convention can be applied by 000s of teachers. 

The original 1 minute concept video