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1 — A really quick introduction to HOW2s

The HOW2 web app provides a unique, scalable, sustainable way to train and support 000s of faculty in the craft of teaching. The web app contains: 

Content. Imagine the content of an instructional coaches brain downloaded as more than 150 aeroplane safety card type visuals. Each one of the 150 or so cards in the deck providing step by step instruction to an evidence-informed teaching technique. 

Social Learning Features: A unique Skills Exchange’ makes it a cinch for faculty to learn with and ask for or offer support from and to each other. Other features make it quick and easy for coaches, faculty developers or anyone else in a supporting role to get practical pedagogical support to faculty pretty much instantly. And a cinch for you to run organisation-wide CPD (we support networks with 000s of faculty). 

And because it’s an app, it produces data that allows leaders an at-a-glance view to evidence the return on their investment. 

Watch the videos below to see what is described above looks like.

HOW2s give faculty instant access to instructional expertise — a quick and effective way to develop online and face to face teaching skills.
The original 1 minute concept video