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How much training is needed to start using it?

Not a lot. It’s pretty intuitive, so a lot depends on how confident individuals are using apps. Allocate time to anyone new to the app, to familiarise themselves to it. Log in, and we’ve found that new users fall into one of two user types. 

Some users like to find their way around and are happy to have a play and work things out as they go. In contrast, others prefer to follow a step-by-step process. For the latter, we provide a training video and handout. Some of our customers use it. Some of our HOW2 leads create their induction process. For example, Pete Sharrocks is head of Teaching, Learning and Assessment at Milton Keynes College. In the video below, he outlines how he introduced HOW2s in his previous post at Westminster College in London. The footage is fifty-three seconds long. 


Just to emphasise what we said above — you will need an allocation of time. Preferably an hour. But 40 minutes may well do the job. Forty minutes is all it takes for teachers, coaches and managers and leaders to all have an oh my word, this is going to save me so much time” moment.

Page tours are always available on the app and, if required, there is a training video on the site that will help onboard your teachers, managers and coaches. We’d recommend they watch that and take the quick tour around the site. The HOW2 web app is very intuitive and that 40 minutes to an hour will give the new HOW2 user a perfect foundation to build on!

Page tours are available from the main menu

We recently created this Say hello to HOW2s” onboarding video. It gives you a pretty good idea about what the app can do. Go on, put the kettle on then come back and watch it. And as you watch it see if you can think of anyone in a teaching role that would NOT benefit from having access to the HOW2s. Oh, and if you want to, you can download the accompanying activity sheet before you start. 


Download a one-pager setting out how one of our college launched HOW2s.


'Say Hello to HOW2s' Activity Sheet

The activities in this document are designed to help you get to know the HOW2 app in a way that evidences professional learning and dovetails with current professional teaching standards.



HOW2 Staff Launch

Learn how Bilborough Sixth Form College staged a successful launch of the HOW2s