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How do the app’s features support professional learning?

The app’s features have been designed with the latest thinking about professional learning in mind. We’ve included links to additional information that you may find of interest regarding professional learning at the bottom of the page. 

Here’s a very brief and simple video that shows you what the features below look like. It’ll help you put meat on the bones so to speak with the text that follows. 


The app’s social learning features and how they marry to the core elements of a professional learning conversation.

People. Many professional learning activities will see educators working in pairs or groups.

• Groups Feature — anyone can set up a group. Perfect for teaching and learning groups, peer coaching and supported experiments.

Professional learning, whether learning in groups or as an individual, will see the communication of a theory of action aka a professional learning conversation. 

• Notes Feature — can be kept private, shared as a chat’ with specific colleagues or published for everyone to benefit from.

• The Skills Exchange — where anyone can offer, or ask for support, to and from peers and let each other know what they are considering, working on or have embedded into their practice 

Solutions. All professional learning activities will see a teacher looking for solutions to identifies learning needs aka barriers to progress

• The Library — where you go to find the HOW2 teaching solutions. We’ve organised them into various collections and sets. You can use the Sets feature to 

• Sets Feature — anyone can organise the HOW2s in ways that work for them, their groups and their organisation — for example many organisations create sets of HOW2s that marry up to their lesson observation criteria

Process. All professional learning will see a process unfold…

• Nudge Feature  — to set up and manage activities. You can include individual or HOW2s or Sets of HOW2s in your nudge and push your nudge to specific colleagues or a group of colleagues 

And here’s a much fuller 12-minute video (sorry!) showing exactly how and why the features support ALL professional learning activities.

Remember professional learning needn’t be complicated. There are only four ingredients’ so to speak, that are always present… 

1. People, 2. A learning need, 3. A solution, and 4. A process. Voila!

Bring a professional learning activity of your choosing to mind while you make a cup of tea. Then sit back and watch the video. It’s not going to make the Oscars but we do our best!