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What professional learning activities do HOW2s support?

HOW2s add precision and efficiency to professional learning

The HOW2s will support all professional learning activities related to improving learning through better teaching.

The link below will take you to a page where you can see step-by-step guides to using HOW2s listed below the video.

We strongly recommend you watch this video and maybe make yourself a cup of tea first. It’s pretty comprehensive, which is another way for saying its 12-minutes long. But it’ll be 12 minutes well spent. By the end, you’ll either want to find out more or will know the HOW2s are not for you.

Finally, before you settle down to watch it — bring one or two of your professional learning processes to mind.


Link to The HOW2 Learning Centre


• Coaching

• Supported Experiments 

• Lesson Observation Feedback 

• Training Days

• Self Study 

• Instructional Rounds 

• Peer Observation 

And more…