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What professional learning activities does the HOW2 web app support?

HOW2s add precision and efficiency to all professional learning activities to build a community of best practice.

The HOW2s were created first and foremost to support a whole organisational approach to Instructional Coaching. That said, the app is used by the HOW2 community to add value and precision to all its professional learning activities, and we say more about that further down the page. 

But first, how can we say that the app supports a whole organisation approach to instructional coaching? The app gives all faculty, including adjuncts and sessionals, access to the expertise of an instructional coach. (You could say we’ve downloaded instructional coaching expertise from the brains of instructional coaches onto an app). 
Some faculty will be content and able to coach themselves through the coaching process.
Others will benefit from talking things through with a colleague.
And some will want to talk the process below through with an instructional coach. 

In all instances, all faculty will go through the process below. And this same process, for professional learning to make a difference, needs to be present in every professional learning activity. 

The HOW2 instructional coaching cycle aka professional learning conversation cycle (aka theory of action).

The video below explains takes a generic view of professional learning. You’ll get more from watching it if you have a particular activity in mind. 

We strongly recommend you watch this video and maybe make yourself a cup of tea first. It’s pretty comprehensive, which is another way of saying it’s 12-minutes long. But it’ll be 12 minutes well spent. By the end, you’ll either want to find out more or will know the HOW2s are not for you.

Finally, before you settle down to watch it — bring one or two of your professional learning processes to mind. Here are a few to choose from.
• Instructional Coaching
• Self-directed learning
• Tenure mentoring and coaching
• Peer coaching
• Supported Experiments
• Learning walks (leading to feedback and workshops)
• Lesson Observation feedback
• Initial Teacher Training
• Training days/workshops