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What can educators who are new to teaching online do to look like they aren’t new to it?

COVID 19 revealed a gap. When it came to being asked to teach online many educators had a limited pool of expertise to call on. Being an expert face-to-face in the classroom or workshop did not transfer to being an expert online. 

As part of our response (see the question below the poster download), we produced some resources to help educators adapt to teaching online. The poster below has a QR code that takes the viewer through to a blog post that elaborates on eleven ways to teach online as if you are not new to it. 

Eleven ways to teach online and not look like you are new to it


Teaching Online — How to look like you are not new to it

Transitioning teaching expertise from live face-to-face settings to online is not immediate. But there are (more than) a few little things that can make it look like you’ve been doing it for ages. Download the poster and take a look at the blog post for more details.