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2 — Supporting teachers; empowering faculty to support each other.

Use the content of this page to help you build a picture of how the HOW2 web app supports our HOW2 community to 

• build their professional learning community
• get instant instructional support to faculty 
• enhance the reach and capacity of faculty developers and instructional coaches to help faculty deliver richer, deeper learning outcomes
• give equal levels of support to adjuncts or sessional faculty as they do full-time faculty 

As you watch the video imagine you are Laurie — a faculty developer or manager or coach or mentor (or anyone who has a role supporting teachers).

Communities share a common purpose. Community members support each other. We support you — our community — by providing you with the content and features that you ask for to support your community as a whole and the smaller community networks within. 

The next video below focuses primarily on how, by using the app’s Groups feature in conjunction with the Skills Exchange, individual faculty/teachers as well those with a responsibility for supporting faculty can get the most from the app. 

The Skills Exchange and Groups Feature —  Making it easier still for your faculty and community of teachers to support each other.

Letting everyone in your professional learning community know what’s going on.

Notice Board feature - designed to help you communicate with, and build, your professional learning community
A new collection of HOW2s - “Using HOW2s online”

The new online collection gives our subscribers access to a range of online teaching techniques and means that they can be ready for whatever comes their way. They are able to use the Online techniques alongside the existing HOW2 techniques to quickly switch between face-to-face and online teaching so that they have a truly blended approach to teaching.

A teacher's 'home' on the app showing the last two Online HOW2s he was working on