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5 — Filling gaps in Pedagogy faster to impact workload and well being.

Teachers may have gaps in their knowledge. Recently, online and blended learning has been an area of focus, but HOW2s cover a vast range of topics to plug those gaps.

Trevor Gordon College Leader and Instructional Coach

Most familiar, everyday pedagogy gaps

Teachers may have gaps in their pedagogical knowledge. Who hasn’t?

Plugging the gaps in pedagogy is crucial. Student success, by which we mean students can access the curriculum taught and thereby access future life, education and employment opportunities, depend on it. 

Similarly, student motivation and engagement depends on them having teachers who are expert in both their subject AND, perhaps, more importantly, pedagogy. 

Teachers have excessive workloads — HOW2s provide plug and go solutions to the issues teachers face every day.

Trevor Gordon

What about workload and well being?

Put simply, when students fail workloads increase and everyone’s well being suffers. Suppose we can help teachers, the managers and coaches and mentors that have responsibility for supporting teachers? If we fill these gaps in pedagogy faster, we will increase student engagement, motivation and success and positively impact workload and well being.

I love the way the app develops continuously to make life easier. I’ve never known a platform to be so fluid and with a team behind it that provides such bespoke support.

Louisa Owen, Leader in Education, Teaching Learning and Assessment

The COVID pedagogy gap

Thumbnails of the new HOW2s for online/blended learning in the HOW2 Library

Recently, online and blended learning has been an area of focus, and now that teachers (should) have learnt the technologies they need to move onto learning techniques for the likes of blended learning. For pretty much all of our customers, this became a priority so, to help them fill the gaps revealed by COVID, we added a new collection of online HOW2s to the library.

We asked our community what barriers to student progress their teachers faced every day. Then we matched those barriers to HOW2 solutions. Take a look at the resulting questionnaire. If your teachers face the same barriers, you can be sure that the HOW2s will be relevant to your teachers.