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2 — What does a subscription to HOW2s cost in 2020?

Setting a budget for supporting Teaching, Learning & Assessment is going to be foremost in your mind when considering a subscription to the HOW2 web app. When buying anything most people want to know What is it? How much does it cost? Does it work?” We’ve tried to answer that here.

Firstly, we need to make it clear that the HOW2 web app is not another thing to do. It will support you to make significant improvements to the quality of the CPD you already provide around the areas of Teaching Learning and Assessment. And, if history is anything to go by, as time passes the ways you will use it will increase.

Here are a couple of recent examples

A subscriber paid £10K for a subscription to support their teachers across two colleges. £10K is a substantial sum of money — but they were delighted because they, like Middlesbrough College quoted below, are now able to provide more comprehensive support at a vastly reduced cost compared to what they spent the previous year.

And a teacher training university recently resubscribed to the tune of £15K. They’d already more than recouped this sum through savings made on the previous year’s outreach programme.

I can’t imagine what we’d have to invest to get the same level of support to the same number of teachers on the same number of occasions as we do when we implement HOW2s


Middlesbrough College is a Further Education College (UK equivalent of a US Community College) in the North East of England. They recently, in the middle of the CoronaVirus Pandemic, resubscribed for 3 (more) years with us. Gordon is talking about how they use HOW2s to improve learning through better teaching, moving their external inspection grade from 3 to 2, and from the 4th to 2nd quartile for apprenticeship provision in the process. 

So, it’s not cheap. But, as you get to know the product, you may well discover that in addition to adding quality to what you do, it may well be more cost-effective than what you are currently doing?

Here's the introductory video. It's on the home page but we've put it up just in case you haven't seen what you'd be subscribing to

One the things we decided to do to keep costs down was to not employ a sales team. We don’t sell to you. We aren’t salesmen. We are ex educators, and we talk to our customers to see if there is a​‘fit’. By which we mean, we discuss your context and if and how HOW2s might​‘work’ in your setting.

Exploring the 'fit', we created this video as part of our exploration with a Graduate Teacher Training University in California.

We did this work BEFORE the university made the decision to go ahead. We had no interest in selling them something that did not fit’ with US Teaching Standards. NOTE: There was a very good fit and they are now in their second year working with us. 

Is this you?

For our customers, HOW2s offer a better, alternative way to do what they already do. A professional learning hub that increases effectiveness and efficiency at reduced costs. 

To give you an exact price, we need to talk to you to understand more about your context. About how you currently support your teachers, the people who are involved in the support processes and systems and what impact they are having. Once we know what is or isn’t working for you, we will have a better idea of whether or not there is a​‘fit’. If there is, we will then work with you to put together a business case so that you can see precisely how HOW2s would work in your organisation. And how much money this will save.

As ex-senior leaders ourselves, we understand that budgets are tight. That money previously made available to support teachers is sometimes needed to pay for other things. That can be the reason why some of our customers end up with us and stay with us.