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5 — Setting it up

Having read this guide, watched the videos and looked at the FAQs, let’s assume that you’ve now decided that the HOW2s might be a good fit for you. So what now?

The first thing we’d invite you to do is contact us to really explore how you might use the HOW2s. This will give you a chance to meet the HOW2 team, get a quote, and get your questions answered. 

After that, if you decide to go ahead, we’ll send you a very short online subscription form to complete and submit to us. Once that is done, then we can set you live almost instantly or at a date of your choosing. 

If you are a large organisation or a smaller one that has opted for a support package then we’ll schedule that support with you now.

Once you’re live on the site, you’ll receive an activation email into your inbox. 

You’ll follow the simple steps in that email and you’ll be ready to explore the HOW2 web app and also be ready to invite your users. It is a very quick process.

We will have discussed invoicing with you by now and we will generate an invoice with a PO number and email that to your accounts department. We won’t wait until that invoice is settled to give you access, because once you’ve made that buying decision, we know you’ll be keen to get going.