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What support do I get within that cost — do you walk away after the sale?

Regardless of your size, we will make sure that you know how to set up your users and get started with our site. Every HOW2 web app user can contact support” at the touch of a button and we have very fast response times to help you with any queries. We want you to succeed with our site and we are here to support you.

Quite often as an overseas college you are left feeling isolated. Not so with the HOW2 team. They are always there to support us and the implementation training was fantastic


We give smaller organisations the option of having a supported or unsupported subscription. Our larger organisations get the benefit of our full support package. We’ll work with you to dovetail HOW2s into your improvement plans and will kick start the roll-out with a bespoke implementation day for leaders, your senior managers and faculty heads. Monthly support webinars with your designated HOW2 lead are then used to then guide the organisation through each step of your planned HOW2 roll out. Perhaps supporting you as you organise the techniques to reflect your organisational priorities. For example, using the Custom Library to categorise the HOW2s in ways that mirror your lesson observation criteria.