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Can I have a trial? I never buy anything without a trial. How do I know if it’ll work?

The short answer is No’. We did our trialling over a decade ago. Use it, and it will work. If you don’t use it, it won’t work. Besides, why would you want your staff to try something that may not be relevant and may not help them do their job? Chances are they are busy enough already without giving them another thing to do. 

The big question is, Is there a fit’ between what you are looking for and what we offer?”

And the truth is there isn’t always a fit. But we need to talk to find out.

So although we don’t offer a trial, we don’t charge for the time spent working with you to see if there is a fit. And this would take up far less of your time than a trial. We’d need to have an initial conversation with you around, for example,

• the areas of professional learning that you want to make more effective. We’d need to talk to you about why you think they aren’t working at the moment and how you know they aren’t working.

• the efficiencies of what you are doing at the moment 

• we need you to consider the cost of what you are doing at the moment and compare it to what we can do — and we can only tell you that once we’ve had a conversation with you. 

If and when we agree that there seems to be a fit between what you want and what we offer we’ll set up a screen share and check out the app together — so that everyone involved in the decision-making process can have their questions answered and we can, together, test out how good a fit it is. At the end of the webinar, we will know, one way or the other, whether there is a good fit. 

PS. A couple of other things. 

FACT: HOW2 will not work if it is another thing to do. To increase effectiveness and achieve the efficiency savings mentioned above, use it as part of or as an alternative to what you are doing already (e.g. Lesson observation feedback, appraisal, coaching, training days, etc.) 

CONSIDER THIS: Would you ask for a trial if you were buying in books for your staff to read or buying in external trainers? No. Now consider the cost of buying all the books and research that has contributed to this app for everyone.