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Isn’t it just another thing for my already busy staff to do?

We are all very experienced education sector professionals. sector managers and leaders. 

We understand that your staff are busy. We are reducing not adding to workloads! Easy to say…

Educators using HOW2 to improve their teaching will spend less time looking for solutions, learning them, transferring them and evidencing learning than they would for example if they were to read a book or attend a course. Faculty can dip in and out of the techniques and within 10 minutes should be confident enough to try one!

Managers spend less time organising and managing workshops and professional learning, managing and evidencing (or put another way are able to support more teachers within the same time allocation) Within minutes, a manager should be able to find techniques to share with their faculty. For example, after a themed learning walk has taken place, no need to look at different websites, just log into the HOW2 web app where the evidenced-informed techniques are stored all in one place!

Coaches and mentors will coach more teachers in the same amount of time spending around 40% less time on admin and creating materials. 

Leaders spend less time checking and spend less money. 

So, No. At least not if, like us, you are always looking for effective and more efficient ways to improve learning through better teaching? If so using the HOW2 app will reduce workloads and save leaders, coaches, managers and faculty time (and the organisation A LOT of money)