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Graphic Organisers — Your no cost virtual teacher

Graphic Organisers (GOs) have been around for quite a while. Leonardo da Vinci and Charles Darwin used them. The opportunity cost of using GOs is small. The rewards (increased engagement, motivation, understanding and better results), are quite simply massive. But are they best used?

Published in Using HOW2s and Professional Learning

Festive round up

A BIG thank you” followed by a summary of what’s new at HOW2s to reduce workloads, support well-being and help teachers, coaches, managers and leaders hit the ground running in 2021

Apollo 13 — Houston we have a problem”

Apollo 13 is the inspiration behind the HOW2 Teaching Technique Pilot and Navigator”. With many colleges splitting practical classes Pilot and Navigator only needs a little tweak to get students at home working in real-time with their peers in class.