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The HOW2 (Saudi) Remote Coaching Model

So-called because we first used it with English speaking colleges in Saudi Arabia, the HOW2 remote coaching cycle is now being used by post-16 colleges and training providers and Graduate Teacher Training Universities to offer more immediate and comprehensive support to educators.

It forms part of our Level 5 Instructional Coaching Programme. 

In the video below Ian Harris, CEO of HOW2s talks to Carole Kane, who, following years of flying to Saudi Arabia to deliver coaching suggested to our client that we move the coaching online. Interestingly this was several years before COVID made face-to-face coaching impossible. 

The Saudi Remote Coaching Model — unplugged

Steps for the Saudi Remote Coaching Model

1. Before coming online with you, the coach, the coaches, look through the questions on the barriers to progress collection to identify their learner(s) issue(s) with one or more sets.

2. Short introductions.

3. Coachee go through their issue(s) with you.

4. Coachee may or may not have identified issue through the barriers to progress set, or you may feel that actually there are a few solutions (techniques) that could be used — discuss with the coachee.

5. Support the coachee to adapt the technique(s) to their own context.

6. Agree on the next action.