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Do you provide training to become a HOW2 instructional coach?

Yes. The HOW2 instructional coaching programme takes place over three days or four days, depending on whether you want accreditation). Delivery is spread out over a two to three month period. The HOW2s instructional coaching model is unique. Unlike other coaching models prevalent in the education sector, educators created it with educators in mind. It is also informed by 30 years of research in the education sector. Created with the client organisation, what follows is a sample programme to give you an idea of what it covers. 

Day one. Using models to build capacity

The purpose of professional learning is to develop the professionalism of teachers as adaptive experts.


Models, by definition, are not reality, nor are they intended to represent reality. However, they can help us understand and therefore enhance our response to the reality we work in.

For example, the HOW2s themselves are visual models of teaching techniques. No one educator would use it the same way as the next, not least because they, as an individual, bring unique variables to the context. Their visual nature does however provide a common starting point for the coaching conversation. 

Similarly, the HOW2 coaching model does not intend to reflect reality — only to inform practice. Based on the work of Professor Helen Timperley the model is used as the basis for professional learning conversations; for coaches to use as part of coach/coachee coaching conversation and for every practitioner across the entire organisation to use as part of peer coaching or independent self-reflection. 

The Instructional Coaching Cycle

COVID meant our 3‑day programme had to be delivered online. It didn’t matter. The HOW2 team were quite simply fabulous and our teaching and learning coaches loved it!

Louisa Owen, Head of Teaching, Learning and Assessment, The City of Liverpool College 

Overview of content.
• the role and purpose of a coach within your learning organisation
• the core principles that underpin ALL coaching models
• Introducing the BYme, WITHme, FORme families — introducing the three families within your organisation
• getting to know the HOW2 instructional coaching cycle
• aspiring for every educator to be an independent, confident, self-reflective practitioner — considering this statement with the cycle and the BYme, WITHme, and FORme families in mind
• putting one eye on the future — how to build capacity for ever-increasing amounts of peer-peer coaching (and ideally self-regulated reflective learning by leading individuals)
• know how to use onboarding materials with teachers (new to the organisation) 
• set up capacity for the participants to support each other as a group as we move towards a whole (cross-curricular) college approach

Delivered remotely or face-to-face, we develop attendees capacity to work as a group towards a whole (cross-curricular) organisational approach

Between day one and day two, participants will;
• use the HOW2 coaching model with coachees
• update their own skills exchange status
• use the app to support and share learning (modelling how teachers can do this too — leading into day 2 — coaches as role models)
• Working with <insert name of line manager> and <insert name of SLT member> discuss and put in place a request that ALL teachers update their Skills Exchange Statuses with a clear focus on embedded
• use training materials to onboard new teachers

Day two. Coaches as role models

Continuing the idea of modelling the day takes coaches through a series of activities that mirror working with coachees. 

Coaches support each other as they gain experience and insights into using the HOW2 techniques and the HOW2 web app’s tools in their practice and are better equipped to support teachers face-to-face and remotely. 

Overview of content.
• address any matters arising from day one 
• role modelling the HOW2 instructional coaching process
• revisiting the BYme’, WITHme’, and FORme’s families to reflect on learning so far and look ahead
• revisiting the HOW2 coaching model with specific coaching skills in mind 
• the HOW2 remote coaching model 

Our remote coaching model saved our Saudi Colleges £10s of 000s in travel and training costs.

• understand the centrality of barriers to learning aka student learning needs as a focus for coaching
• using the HOW2 coaching cards to start professional learning conversations
• using the HOW2 web app’s features effectively to support colleagues in ensuring learners overcome these barriers and to evidence emergence of best practice and impact
• engage in planning how HOW2s can be integrated into college practices

Participants get to work one-to-one with the trainer either face-to-face and/or online

Between day two and day three participants will;
• use the remote coaching model to start coaching teachers remotely across campuses (if they are not already doing so)
• use the app’s tools to set up and share learning with each other and to record professional learning conversations (role model the use of the app)
• support each other to overcome barriers to progress in their own subject areas
• work with<insert name of line manager> and <insert name of SLT member> discuss and agree on a policy for coaching at <insert name of the organisation>(to be regarded as a work in progress and be further informed by day 3)

Day three. Towards a whole college (organisational) approach

Using the HOW2 techniques consistently across an organisation will ensure consistency of practice and support different coaching styles. It will be useful to look at what is working within the organisation and beyond to reflect and share good practice. 

Reflecting and discussing development areas will allow for a professional discussion between the team to identify and overcome any obstacles.

Professional Learning cards support the coach to bridge the gap between the classroom and the coaching

Overview of content.
• Have a clear understanding of any queries/questions regarding the use of and information contained within How2 teaching techniques.
• Be able to teach others how to apply the HOW2 coaching model to support the BYme, WITHme and FORme families (ie know exactly how to use the content and features of the web-app to support coaching for these groups)
• Understand and have clear, proven examples of how the How2 Techniques are used to 1:2:1 coach teaching staff.
• Reflect on how they have used the How2 Techniques to coach staff 1:2:1 and adjust their working way to have a greater impact.
• Identify how they have used the How2 Techniques to support peer coaching within the college, compare, reflect and adjust the approach to support staff more effectively.
•Discuss how cross-curriculum T&L groups can be used to support improvements and compare current practice with successful usage.
•Have the opportunity to work with the trainer on a 1:2:1 basis or in small groups to identify specific training/support needs to enhance usage and impact of the How2 techniques.

Trevor Gordon has used HOW2s as a coach in several English colleges. Here he reflects on the impact. (Note many colleges no longer grade teachers)

After day three participants will;
•Reflect on current practice for the 3 scenarios, adjust and implement new strategies to ensure the biggest impact and improvements across the organisation.

• Individually and as a team, identify any areas for support which will effectively enhance the usage of the How2 platform, improve teaching and learning and better the student experience across the organisation. Inform the trainer of these areas of support.


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