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This Learning Centre provides support and supplementary resources for the HOW2 web app. For further details on HOW2s go to the home page or contact us to arrange a demonstration.

The Three Viewing Formats

Each HOW2 has three types of visual guide for you to view.

Use the viewing formats menu, top left, to switch between the Infographic, Presentation and Book. 


The Infographic gives you the big picture — the overview of the whole technique. 


The Presentation take you, step-by-step, into a more detailed guide. Just click through at your own pace. 


The Book provides that extra bit of background detail. Find out which HOW2s are most closely related. 


How It Helps

A question inspectors often ask leaders is ‘How do you know the impact of your strategy?’ The new Ofsted handbook is going to use the same demands for rational thinking from teachers and their pedagogic choices, and the ‘How it helps’ panel is designed to aid you in giving solid answers.

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