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How do you help your customers with the demands of switching to online teaching?

Every user has a 'homepage' on the app — this one shows thumbnails of two of the Online HOW2s that they user is working on.

In November 2019, we started producing a new collection of online HOW2s, depicting ways educators could use evidence-informed teaching techniques as part of online teaching. 

Our approach assumes the educators using our platform are experts in the academic, career or vocational pathway they teach. Put another way; we assume they are experts in what they teach. 
As the name suggests, HOW2s are there to support these subject experts to become equally expert in pedagogy; in how they teach: Online, in the lab, workshop, workplace and classroom. 

The Using HOW2s online collection” supports educators in delivering a blended approach. 

New HOW2s for online teaching.

A scroll through showing thumbnails of some of the online HOW2s. A 'click' on the thumbnail will take the user through to a specific technique page.


Poster: Entry Routines for online Teaching, Learning and Assessment

Online Entry Routines poster

5 ways to ensure that online sessions start well and learners last the distance.

With QR codes linking to an accompanying blog post and the HOW2s for Online Teaching collection. 



Teaching Online — How to look like you are not new to it

Transitioning teaching expertise from live face-to-face settings to online is not immediate. But there are (more than) a few little things that can make it look like you’ve been doing it for ages. Download the poster and take a look at the blog post for more details.