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Working/professional learning from home — Number 2 Overcoming barriers to progress

The second in a series of four posts looking at ways teachers, trainers and endpoint assessors can use the HOW2 web app to work remotely with colleagues and usefully engage in professional learning from home.

What barriers to progress do you come across in your teaching? What learning needs do you need to overcome for your students to access the curriculum and thereby future life, work and learning opportunities?

Go to the Barriers to Progress collection in the main HOW2 library. 

What learning behaviours act as barriers to progress?
All professional learning should help teachers meet student learning needs
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Scan through the questions. You are looking for questions that connect you to learning behaviours that stand in the way of your students making progress. You are looking for questions that ring true’ with you in terms of your teaching and the learning behaviours displayed by your students. Clicking on any of the questions that seem relevant to you will take you through to a set of HOW2s offering a range of teaching techniques that you can then consider as possible solutions.

Each set contains brief descriptors of the techniques within it
A range of solutions are offered so you can find one that works best for you

Once you have browsed the descriptors you click through to techniques that you feel might work best for you in your subject with your students.

The info-graphic will help you gauge the suitability of the technique

The Skills Exchange — sharing best practice with everyone in less than a second

Once you have clicked through and had a look at the descriptors you may then want to look at a specific technique(s) in detail. Once you are happy that you have found a technique(s) that you think will help you overcome the identified barrier to progress, select the​‘considering it’ or working on it’ status for that technique depending…

This will tell everyone in your organisation that you are considering (or working on) this technique. 

Once you are happy you can set the status tab to 'working on it'

Adding notes and​‘chatting’ to colleagues online

You can use the notes feature to capture private reflections of how you get on adapting the techniques you are working on to your context. You can also use the notes feature to chat’ to selected colleagues, one or some of whom may have already have embedded the technique(s) you are considering or working on.

Use the notes feature to 'chat' with colleagues. Notes are pushed to emails.

Remember the Skills Exchange serves to help you capture best practice, and it also makes it easy for you and your peers to offer or ask for support from each other… For example, a quick glance at the skills exchange will reveal which of your colleagues may have already embedded the techniques you are currently working on.

You can use the skills exchange to offer and ask for support from colleagues

Next up…

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