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Published in Professional Learning

Graphic Organisers as Advanced Organisers — your flexible friend

Graphic Organisers as Advanced Organisers transforms a student’s learning experience from something that is abstract, fleeting and private to being concrete, permanent and public.

Not something extra.

As educators, our mental models aka our schema of understanding developed over years of experience and study are omnipresent. But often, too often, maybe, they are not visible. 

As teachers, we need to make a call as to when and how to make them visible to our students. The most obvious time to do this is at the start of a session or topic or unit of work or the start of a year. Graphic Organisers could be likened to layers of an onion — you just need to decide when it is useful to reveal another layer. 

Graphic Organisers as Advanced Organisers support all students in understanding whole-part relationships, they are particularly welcomed by students with additional learning needs.

Val Hill, Literacy guru and Head Coach on the Herts-Cam MEd programme (retired)  

Why GOs should be a staple ingredient on every teacher's cupboard.

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