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HOW2s — Develop pedagogy, reduce workloads and evidence the impact

Help busy teachers catch up and plan to deliver great classroom, online and blended learning through the Summer term and into the next academic year. Free preview account set up & free access to an Introductory set of HOW2s for all your teachers. With optional plugin & play free CPD workshop.

Intro to the HOW2 web app (1'43")

If you’d like to:

- reduce teacher workloads 
- give teachers ways to engage & motivate students online and back in the classroom 
- reward teachers by helping them plan great lessons for the Summer term and next academic year 

then HOW2s are here to help.

Set up your access to the 6 HOW2s now

If your organisation doesn’t already have access to the HOW2s, then you’ll need to complete this contact form. We’ll then set you up so you can give all your teachers instant access.

If you already have access to the HOW2s, then you’ll find the Introducing HOW2s collection here

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Optional plug in and play CPD Workshops

You can, of course, just give your teachers access to the 6 HOW2s, but if you want to run one, then we’ve created a plug in and play Putting Pedagogy back into Technology” workshop for you — and that’s free too! It uses the 6 HOW2s in our Introducing HOW2s collection and is a great way to kickstart your teachers with the successful delivery of online lessons.

The first 3.5 mins of the next video outline the purpose of the CPD workshop and will help you decide whether or not you want to use it.

NOTE: For the purposes of the training, we’ve assumed that this training will be delivered remotely, but it could easily be adapted if you are able to run it face-to-face.

Video 1. Introduction to the free CPD workshop and step-by-step guide to session one

This training day has been designed as workshops to fit in with the time you have available. You have the option of running the sessions back to back over the same day, or you can spread them out over a few days.

Carole Kane, HOW2 Professional Learning Lead

The content for the training

The day revolves around 6 HOW2 teaching techniques:

  • Entry Routines (online version)
  • Feedback and Assessment with e‑textbooks
  • GOs as Advanced Organisers
  • iTransform (online version)
  • Pilot and Navigator (with tips on using HOW2s)
  • Think Pair Share with e‑textbooks

These 6 HOW2 teaching techniques have been chosen because they: 

• rapidly develop online teaching confidence
• promote online pedagogical knowledge and skills 
• give the teacher maximum reward for minimum effort
• get students working meaningfully and independently
• can be used online and in the classroom
• ensure learning checks are taking place regularly
• can be used as part of planning 
• let teachers know exactly who needs to readdress what
work’ with any age group in all curriculum areas

Using just 6 HOW2s also makes it easier to get everyone working together on the same thing, which is, we think, particularly important at this time. 

Give yourself an overview of the day

Read the sections below and preview the videos of each of the three sessions below to get a sense of the day and the timing needed.

Video 1. Introduction to the day and step-by-step guide to Session 1 (repeated from the top for your convenience)
Video 2. Step-by-step guide to Session 2 —  work in break out groups
Video 3. Step-by-step guide to Session 3 — work in department/faculty groups

Top tips for setting up the training

Invite your users (we’ll show you how to do that later)
Check that colleagues have activated their accounts
Make sure everyone has a timetable in advance
Make sure everyone knows which group they are in
Place your experienced teachers strategically across the groups for Session 2 — so that they can support less experienced colleagues
Create X‑Curricular groups for Session 2 (there is the option of working in faculty/curriculum areas in an optional 3rd session)

You don’t want to be allocating accounts and managing logons on the day, so ask teachers to login in advance of the day so they can quickly get started.

Carole Kane


Session 1 
Allocate at least 1 hour — 1.5 hours would be better.

Session 2 
Allocate the same time for Session 2 as you allocated to Session 1.

Session 3
Allocate the same time to Session 3 as you allocated to Sessions 1 & 2.

If time is pressing, our advice would be to run longer Sessions 1 and 2 over a morning and not run Session 3. In our view, this is better than rushing to fit in all 3 sessions. 

One final check… have you

• invited teachers to the HOW2 web app? 

• logged into the app and checked under colleagues’ that the teachers have activated their accounts?

• sorted out break out rooms for the small groups for Session 2 and informed the teachers which group they will be in?

• set up break out rooms for the faculty/department discussions for Session 3?

• informed the dept/faculty managers that they will be leading Session 3 where teachers can share their ideas and future plans?

• told teachers who to contact if there is a problem on the day?

• decided if there is enough time to run all 3 sessions? If there are time constraints, we recommend that Session 3 is omitted. 

• let participants know the timings of each session?

• thanked colleagues in advance for respecting our copyright (see below)? 

Checklist complete? Then forward this link to your teachers


A very polite reminder about copyright

The HOW2 images on the app (behind the login) are protected by copyright law. Thank you in advance for helping to protect our livelihoods by not copying the images by video or screen shots