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Get to know the HOW2 Instructional Coaching Platform

The HOW2 app’s comprehensive range of features support self-directed, peer to peer and organization-led professional learning activities. Whilst both full time and adjunct faculty are given access to a personal space to learn, at their own pace, they can also access a broad range of community learning tools that promote and facilitate cross-disciplinary, cross-institutional learning.

Step-by-step visual guides to evidence-based teaching techniques

Infographics provide an end-to-end view of each technique, whilst the page-by-page 'presentation view' - with pop up speech bubbles, air-plane safety-card style illustrations and concise explanations - guides the user through every step of each technique.

The precise, easy-to-navigate HOW2 guides, make learning and adapting the techniques quick and easy, whether it’s for the classroom, lab or workspace.

The fact that the image is paired down and devoid of contextual information facilitates a focus on the teaching and learning inherent in the technique and its adaptation to meet the needs of students.

Photo of Professor Kate Wall

Professor Kate Wall

School of Education, University of Stratchclyde

An extensive library of over 160 visual guides

The HOW2 library is organised into useful teaching, learning and assessment themes. Including everything from questioning and formative assessment, to whole-class instruction and behaviour, the platform offers a vast array of categories to help to direct full time and adjunct faculty towards the teaching technique that is right for them.

The HOW2 app is a bit like giving faculty access to the expertise of an instructional coach on a 24/7 basis.

Photo of Trevor Gordon

Trevor Gordon

Education Leader and Instructional Coach

Skills exchange promotes engagement, monitors usages and measures impact

This feature allows faculty to quickly see who is considering, working on or has already embedded particular techniques, providing a helpful framework for the exchange of ideas and professional learning both within and across disciplines and institutions.

A valuable support tool, the skills exchange feature gives faculty developers, coaches, supervisors and management an 'at-a-glance' view of the variety and volume of HOW2s being used in the classroom or workspace.

Inspectors were impressed by the way that we were able to provide evidence of how our staff shared best practices across and between subject areas.  They could also see evidence of the impact of the HOW2 techniques through managerial, assessment and observation reports.

Photo of Gordon Duffy McGhie

Gordon Duffy McGhie

Director of Teaching and Learning at Middlesbrough College

Library Customisation

Create custom sets of teaching techniques and share them across your organisation.


Faculty developers and the like can celebrate successes and support app usage via organisation-wide notices, shared in-app and sent via email.


Discussion threads are supported throughout the app, encouraging collaboration and knowledge sharing within and across disciplines and campuses.

Groups encourage shared learning and consistency

Any faculty member or faculty developer can create a group that transcends subject and campus boundaries supporting learning communities and collaborative approaches to the scholarship of teaching and learning.

The groups facility, in conjunction with notes, allows faculty to reflect on, support and share emerging best practices in teaching environments.

Good pedagogy transcends subject areas. The Groups and Skills Exchange in the HOW2 app facilitates shared learning and promotes improved teaching standards across the college.

Photo of Curtis Hakala

Curtis Hakala

Eastern College, West Virginia

Nudges support and encourage staff to deliver on TLA goals

The nudge feature allows faculty to drive their own learning. It allows staff to support each other, prompting discussion and shared learning.

Faculty managers, coaches, supervisors and quality managers love the nudges because they allow specific HOW2 techniques – or sets of techniques – that relate to, for example, supervisions, student evaluations or other internal TLA programs, to be pushed to busy teachers in seconds.

The nudge feature was added because our colleges told us there was too big a time gap between identifying ‘what’ needed to be done and providing the ‘how’ support to do it.

Photo of Ian Harris

Ian Harris

Creator of the HOW2s platform.

Notes support peer-to-peer learning and knowledge sharing

The notes tool is used by faculty as they conceptualize, capture, record and reflect on their own experiences and progress. Faculty can share their challenges, successes, adaptations and embedded solutions with colleagues, coaches, and faculty developers forging collaborative experience-led learning communities.

Over time, repositories of shared knowledge develop.  Dynamic professional learning communities emerge, teachers are inspired and engaged and ultimately we see better student learning experiences.

Photo of Trevor Gordon

Trevor Gordon

Education Leader and HOW2 Instructional Coach

Single sign-on

Integrate the HOW2s with your identity provider platform for easy access

Easy onboarding

Manage users and groups with a powerful CSV import facility


Export detailed usage reports to monitor progress across your organisation

In Context clarifies and distills the purpose of every technique

The In Context feature helps faculty members to think about 'why' they are using a particular technique and to consider its potential impact. Put another way, it supports faculty as they conceptualize and theoretically underpin the adoption and adaptation of the techniques in a way that suits their context and learning environment.

The descriptors are impact statements. They are there to empower, to support a considered, academic response to the questions 'why might I use this technique?' and 'what benefits or impact can I expect from using it?'

Photo of Ian Harris

Ian Harris

Creator of the HOW2s Platform; Ex-teacher, Special Needs Co-ordinator and Instructional Coach

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