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An interactive coaching platform to help subject experts become experts in teaching

Leveraging the skills and expertise typically delivered by an instructional coach, the HOW2 app gives faculty managers the tools and pedagogical resources they need to support teachers in meeting the ever-changing demands of teaching and student learning.


Discover our tools for supporting self-directed, peer-to-peer and organisational learning.

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Case Studies

Read how our user community benefits from using the HOW2 platform.

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Applying HOW2

Add the HOW2 factor to CPD and professional teaching and learning activities.

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Instructional Coaching

Explore our CMI Level Five Instructional Coaching Course.

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The Theory

Find out how we have married cognitive science with evidence-based teaching and learning techniques.

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Take a tour of the platform with our very own HOW2 expert Damian.

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Join Damian and HOW2 users in our next webinar on September 2.