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Published in Using HOW2s and Professional Learning

Why Visual Instruction Plans will save you loads of time and energy

Asked which teaching technique I would recommend to every teacher, trainer, assessor, instructor or lecturer, irrespective of their subject I had no hesitation. A tough question but the use of Visual Instructions Plans (VIPs) makes it to the top spot. Here are five reasons why.

First, it supports all classroom and online dynamics by which I mean it will enhance the effectiveness of instruction, interaction and independent learning. It’s your flexible friend.

Second, learners get the point more quickly when you use VIPs. Learners can literally see what you mean” in a way that without VIPs they cant. (This is what I meant when I said they enhance the effectiveness of instruction)

Thirdly they are easy to adapt, which means it’s easy for you to differentiate for differing abilities. Add more or less content to the VIP depending on the ability of the learners.

The presentations will take you through, in step-by-step detail, how to use VIPs

It’s like having a virtual teacher!

Sam, a learner from >20 years ago.

Fourthly, VIPs tick lots of boxes in a meaningful way — independent learning, employability skills, study skills, literacy.

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Finally, VIPs dramatically reduce the demands that learners make on your time — when you want them to be working independently of you.